Villas in Sicily with sea view

Why choose to stay in one of our villas in Sicily with sea views? Simply because our selection contains the most luxurious villas that face the seas that surround the magnificent Sicilian Island.

Imagine yourself being able admire from the window of your bedroom the beautiful sea of Sicily. Look at our catalogue of Villas in Sicily by the sea and make your dream come true!

Why opt for a sojourn in one of our splendid villas in Sicily boasting enchanting sea views? The answer is straightforward: our curated collection comprises the most opulent villas that grace the shores of the magnificent Sicilian Island.

Picture yourself waking up to the sight of the mesmerizing Sicilian sea right outside your bedroom window. Explore our comprehensive catalog of seaside villas in Sicily and transform this dream into your reality. Immerse yourself in the allure of coastal living and let the waves be your constant companions during your stay.


If you are a sea lover, choose our villas in Sicily with sea view!

Sicily is the perfect place for sea lovers as three different seawaters surround the island. Our villas in Sicily with sea views are situated all across the island, allowing you to choose the area washed by the sea that you prefer. For example, the north coast is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, while the east coast faces the Ionian Sea. Finally, on the south coast, you will find the fantastic water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Whatever your preference, our wide and careful selection of villas will allow you to spend a unique stay in front of the fantastic Sicilian Sea! Our structures are therefore ideal for those who wish to spend a holiday by the sea, surrounded by greenery. They are real corners of paradise in which you can enjoy days of total peace.

The villas with sea views chosen by our expert team are indeed also ideal for nature lovers, thanks to their richness in green spaces with typical Sicilian vegetation, and for those who like to stay far from the chaos of the main cities. Their magical position between greenery and sea indeed makes our villas the perfect solution for a holiday in total relaxation and quiet.

By choosing one of our Sicily villas by the sea, you can stay close to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island like Menfi, Cefalù, and Mondello. However, their position also enables you to reach the historic centre of these towns in a few minutes.

In our catalogue, we have selected the most exclusive villas in Sicily with sea views that meet the highest standards of comfort and design. They are the best choice for everyone who wishes for an elegant, neat and quiet location where spend quality time and loving moments.

Browse our selection and choose the most suitable villa in Sicily with sea views for you!

Why choose a villa in Sicily with a sea view

According to numerous medical studies, having ‘a blue horizon’ to look at that accompanies us throughout the day as a fixed and stable presence is a strange but common human need. Some of the benefits of choosing a villa in Sicily with a wonderful sea view are:

– Stress reduction: the salt in the water improves the levels of melatonin, tryptamine and serotonin in the brain, which increases the general sense of well-being and the ability to cope with the big and small problems of everyday life.

– Beneficial effects on beauty: these negative ions, in addition to calming, combat free radicals by acting as beauty products. In addition, the sound of the waves is beneficial for the mind because it induces a state of relaxation (also helping to rejuvenate the mind and body).

– Positive psychological effects: It is no coincidence that many people, poets, creative and even scientific minds reflect ‘in front of the sea’. The horizon offers an alternative to the screens we are confronted with every day (TV, mobile phone, PC).

In our catalogue, we have collected the best villas located a few minutes from the most beautiful beaches in Sicily with breathtaking sea views.

Look at your collection of villas in Sicily with sea views and choose the best for you!


  • When is the best time to visit our villas in Sicily with a sea view?

The best time to stay in our properties with a sea view is in the summer season. However, some of our facilities also offer heaters, fireplaces, or other services so that they can also be rented in the colder months to enjoy the charm of the Sicilian Sea in winter.

  • What kind of sea views do the villas offer?

Our properties offer various types of sea views such as through spacious terraces, characteristic balconies and large windows from which you can observe the blue horizon. For further information contact us.

  • Why choose Domusicily to book your holiday?

Domusicily is a reputable company which has been renting exclusive villas in Sicily with sea views for many years. Not only do we offer you a wide selection of wonderful properties overlooking the sea, but we also offer active, fast and efficient customer service and secure payments. In addition, we always try to fulfil all your wishes.