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What does “Local Love” mean for us? It means giving you all that Sicily has to offer. All that the Sicilians have to offer. The Domus Sicily team will use their knowledge of the Sicilian territory to make your holiday more engaging and exclusive than ever.

Sicily is famous for its crystal-clear sea, typical cuisine, natural landscapes and historical monuments. But there is a more hidden Sicily that only the locals can show you.

Our service aims to show you the most authentic sides that Sicily has to offer you. Our team of experts was born and raised on this island and is deeply in love with this land. And from the love for Sicily that the Domus Sicily project and the concept of Local Love are born.

We are sure that we will be able to make you fall in love with our land, showing you Sicily from a unique point of view through the local people’s eyes by organising exclusive experiences tailored to your needs and expectations!

Live exclusive and unique experiences organised by our team of experts!

Customised Tours

Whether you want to experience adrenaline or a relaxing experience, our team will be able to organise a tour tailored to your needs. We can arrange guided tours to show you the most characteristic monuments, wine tastings in the vineyard and excursions out of town in the absurdest Sicily areas. Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration with local tourist bodies, we can show you monuments and buildings even outside the classic tourist circuits. So choose the right experience for you now and plan your dream vacation in Sicily with us!

Local Food

It is not easy to taste the genuinely authentic cuisine of a place. Only a local person knows where the food is excellent! Our team can book the perfect restaurant for you according to your tastes and organise street-food tours. On these tours, you will be able to savour the most authentic flavours that the island can offer you, from panelle to sfincione to fresh fish cooked with traditional recipes. Are you a person passionate about cooking? Then, we can organise Sicilian and Italian cooking courses for you!


Why settle for just an umbrella and a deckchair when you can live unique experiences in the Sicilian sea? With the Local Love activities organised by our experienced team, you can make your vacation even more fantastic!

You can rent the type of boat you prefer and enjoy an excellent aperitif during your boat trip! Suppose you want to do something more adrenaline-pumping. In that case, our team will organise a waterskiing activity for you with an experienced instructor or something more relaxing such as guided dives or a fishing trip.
If you do not know what to choose, contact our customer care, who will guide you in selecting the activity that best suits your needs.

Personalised services

Our experts are available to customise your experience, making it even more exclusive. Whatever your request, our team will contact the best professionals in the area to fulfil your wishes.
Do you want an unforgettable memory of these magnificent experiences? Then, we can contact professional photographers and video makers who will be able to capture the emotions you will feel during your vacation so that you can relive those moments whenever you wish.
Would you like to organise a special dinner or a particular event with live music? Our team will be happy to contact local music groups for you who will entertain you with good music.
Do you want to take the opportunity to study the Italian language? Then, we can organise Italian lessons with experienced teachers.
The Domus Sicily team is at your complete disposal to find the best solution whatever your wishes and needs. So write your requests now in the form, and we will do everything possible to make them come true!

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