Mondello Apartments

Mondello, the enchanting and historically well-known fishing village in Sicily, now known as the pristine seaside resort with crystal-clear waters. Here you can spend wonderful days in your Mondello apartment enjoying the sea, sports, traditional food, and culture, admiring the incredible architectural works of the many Art Nouveau villas dating back to 1910. Its strategic location makes it possible to reach within a few kilometers the historic and very famous sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, the city center of Palermo, and Punta Raisi airport. This lovely location, in addition to guaranteeing great moments of quiet and serenity at its white beaches, the rocky coves of Addaura or the nature reserves such as that of Capo Gallo, also offers the possibility of taking advantage of the landscape conditions to carry out trekking and panoramic runs immersing yourself in the most uncontaminated nature. The convenience of having a picturesque village means that all amenities and major commercial activities are within easy reach. Today, Mondello is home to many sports/cultural initiatives, where surfers and world-class athletes love to hold their competitions. Water sports, boat rides, are the tradition of this beautiful landing place for lovers of the slow life.


Apartments in Mondello

For a slow sea-view life, choose our apartments in Mondello!

Our catalogue offers some of the best sicilians prestigious apartments in Mondello. With their panoramic views and carefree scent, our flats located a few steps from the most famous turquoise bays of the gulf will offer an unforgettable permanence.

Why stay in one of our apartments in Mondello?

Mondello is the ideal destination for lovers of the sea, nature and long, relaxing walks. Its varied landscape offers the possibility of both water and land sports, such as: Trekking, hiking, walking, mountain biking, snorkelling, surfing, sailing, and sup. The presence of crystalline white beaches, dark polished rocks and well-equipped platforms allow any request, any desire, to be fulfilled. Being an ancient maritime destination, it has numerous marinas, from where you can set sail on incredible boat trips.

During the day, it is possible to enjoy alternative and dynamic activities, such as walking under the freshly scented trees and admiring the local Art Nouveau villas, going to the centre of town to try the delicious little historic restaurants or having an ice cream on the seafront, meeting the local fishermen and finding out more about their stories, arriving at the panoramic lighthouse of the Capo Gallo nature reserve, or at the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia Patron Saint of the City of Palermo. In addition to offering maximum comfort, each flat has sensational panoramic views and fairly easy access to the sea.

A popular destination for relaxation and fun for both adults and children. The unspoilt nature offers the ultimate in meditation and reconciliation with oneself, but for lovers of public relations, various establishments by the sea will be happy to welcome them for an aperitif, dinner, or a drink to colour the nights. For the little ones, there are numerous places for recreational or sporting activities, from beach lidos with sailing, surfing and sup schools, to mini-golf courses, the playground near the town, or sports fields at the town’s most exclusive clubs.

Being in Sicily and close to the sea , It turns out to be a summer destination, but during the winter it has a distinct charm that offers silence and relaxation for the most nostalgic and deep-seated. What better occasion to rediscover oneself? A panoramic window, warmth inside, a good book and a tempestuous sea as a backdrop; this is our answer, which sounds a bit like a proposal!

We always present up-to-date and renovated structures, in order to offer our affectionate clients an unforgettable holiday, with the possibility of taking advantage of all the comforts and extra services that we propose and organise, so that they can live like true locals and enjoy unrepeatable experiences and adventures.

Apartments in Mondello: Why is it the best choice?

Having your own apartmens in Mondello a few steps from nature will allow you to live in relaxation and silence, only with the sound of the sea and the rustling of the surrounding leaves; you will be autonomous and independent without the need for long and tiring journeys.

Comparing prices with a 4- or 5-star hotel room, obviously taking your own Mondello apartments with a sea view will always be the right and smart choice. Not only for the price, which will undoubtedly be more convenient, but for several factors that should not be overlooked, such as: Easy access to the sea, privacy, tailor-made experiences and the security of having a team at your disposal at all times.


  • How to find the ideal Mondello apartment for you?
    Every single flat has its own data sheet, just click on it to open its own page and find all the information you need to elect it as your dream flat. Among the most important characteristics to consider are: property size, amenities, price, and for any other information or needs, we will be happy to offer you our support.
  • How difficult is it to reach Mondello?
    Mondello is strategically located for several reasons: It is just a few kilometres from the Punta Raisi airport and the city centre of Palermo. So the journeys are really minimal and very short. You can enjoy the cultural wonders of the places around Mondello and while staying in its quiet corner of crystalline paradise. Under request, it is possible to reserve transfers, or hire cars for the client.
  •  How much costs renting an apartment in Mondello?
    Being a rather popular Sicilian destination during the summer, prices can vary considerably from one season to another. For the warmer months, the demand for accommodation is always high and the cost of services is also higher, while for the lower, less busy seasons with fewer requests, the cost for an apartment in Mondello would decrease depending on: period, type of structure, type of services offered. In any case, it is always convenient to have your own apartment in Mondello and be able to keep costs down, differently from expensive hotels.