Villas near Palermo Sicily

Welcome to the capital city of Sicily, Palermo! In this catalogue, you will find our selection of Villas near Palermo in Sicily, ready to welcome you for your next vacation.

Palermo is a jewel embedded in the sunny Sicilian Island, which was called by the Normans in the 12th century the “Kingdom of the Sun” indeed, in Palermo, there are, on average, 340 hours of sun each month!

Our team, with more than 10 years of experience in this sector, has carefully selected the Villas near Palermo in Sicily for you, which you can use as a base for your next vacation.

Visit our catalogue and select your favourite villas in Palermo, Sicily and nearby!

Villas near Palermo Sicily

Villas in Palermo Sicily

Our Selection of Villas near Palermo, Sicily!

Palermo, the Sicilian capital, has a magnificent coast bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea and mountains perfect for hiking! Our selection contains villas near Palermo in Sicily and estates in the surrounding areas, situated in strategic positions that will allow you to enjoy all this city’s beauties. For example, if you choose one of our villas in Mondello, you will be just a few metres from the beach of Mondello, which is well connected to Palermo’s city centre! Mondello has a coast of fine white sand that extends for 1,5km and is embedded between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo.

Attractions near our Villas in Palermo

Palermo offers much more than just beaches, sun and sea! Indeed, Palermo was titled “European Capital of Culture” in 2018. Thanks to its strategic position in the Middle Eastern Mediterranean, a mixture of cultures stepped into this fantastic city and left an extraordinary art inheritance, which you can visit if you stay in one of our villas near Palermo, Sicily! For those who love spending time among art and monuments, we highly suggest visiting the 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Palermo, which are: the Cathedral of Palermo, the Royal Norman Palace, the Palatine Chapel, the Church of San Giovanni Degli Eremiti, Church of Martorana, Church of San Cataldo, the Admiral’s Bridge and the Zisa. So, what are you waiting for? Look now at our Villas near Palermo Sicily catalogue and choose your favourite!