Villas in Pantelleria

Pantelleria is an Italian island that extends for 80km2 (32 mi sq), and it is included in the territory of Trapani, surrounded by the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean Sea! Therefore, Pantelleria can be considered a small piece of paradise between Sicily and Tunisia.

Our team has carefully selected the villas in Pantelleria, known as Dammusi, in the most suggestive areas of the island.

Look now at the villas in Pantelleria and choose your favourite estate!

Villas in Pantelleria

Pantelleria villas

Collection of Villas in Pantelleria

We have created this collection of villas in Pantelleria to ensure you the most extraordinary experience! The island of Pantelleria has volcanic origins and is situated in the middle of the Strait of Sicily, 110km (68 miles) away from Sicily and 65km (40 miles) distant from the African coast. Pantelleria is divided into 27 districts, in Italian “contrade”. In particular, our Pantelleria villas are located across the Rekhale, Penna and Khamma districts. The island has two main towns, Pantelleria and Scauri, where the two ports are located. You can go to Pantelleria with the daily ferries from Trapani or the flights from the Trapani and Palermo airports! Browse our premium catalogue of Villas in Pantelleria and find the next estate for your vacation!