Villas in Pantelleria

Pantelleria is an Italian island that extends for 80 km2 (32 mi sq), and it is included in the territory of Trapani, surrounded by the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean Sea! Therefore, Pantelleria can be considered a small piece of paradise between Sicily and Tunisia.

Mostly known for volcanic terrain, clear blue waters, and beautiful architecture, tourists love Pantelleria’s panorama and atmosphere.

That’s why our team has carefully selected the villas in Pantelleria, known as Dammusi, in the most suggestive areas of the island.

Look now at the villas in Pantelleria and choose your favorite estate!

Villas in Pantelleria

History of Pantelleria

Pantelleria has a long history due to the centrality of its position in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Africa. Pantelleria was first visited in Late Mesolithic times, during the 6th millennium B.C. when important developments in marine watercraft led to improvements in offshore fishing expeditions and seafaring navigation.

During the 4th and 3rd millennia B.C. some enhancements in farming and stock-breeding created the conditions for a permanent occupation of all Mediterranean islands. The fertile volcanic soils present in Pantelleria became the main source of wealth for the island.

With the growth of Carthage as the main city and market of the Central Mediterranean, Pantelleria became more linked to Africa and the Semite world. Its first name coming from coins was Yrnm and then was changed into Cossyra.

The close relation to Carthage was the beginning of a prosperous period for Pantelleria, and it lasted until its destruction by the Arabs in 698 A.D. and the conflict between Christians and Muslims that has divided the Mediterranean to the present.

The Romans conquered Cossyra at the end of the first Punic War in 248 B.C. The wealth of Pantelleria and its close connection with Carthage continued to grow through Roman and Byzantine times.

During Roman times architectural constructions called ‘Dammusi’ were developed, which are the well-known vaulted rural houses built with lava blocks with a low dome.

The Arabs took the island from Byzantium around 750 A.C., improving its agricultural potential, by reorganizing the lands and introducing new crops of higher yield. They had a very strong impact on Pantelleria up to the present. The Arabs called it al-Quasayra. They also introduced the cultivation of cotton and enhanced that of grapes.

In 1860, the island was annexed, together with Sicily, to the Kingdom of Italy and has shared its history up to the present. Then, in 1935 and 36, the Fascist government of Italy decided to turn the island into a fortress.

Today Pantelleria is a wonderful island rich in history and beauty that welcomes many tourists per year. In our catalog, you can choose the best villa in Pantelleria for you and your loved ones!

Living in Pantelleria

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday on an island, Pantelleria is the best solution! To immerse yourself in the local culture, you should visit the small streets of the old town and the characteristic shops, eat in typical restaurants, and move around by bike!

Pantelleria is a fantastic island where you can have wonderful times at any time of the year. Most of our villas in Pantelleria are equipped with what you need to spend even the coolest months there.

Choosing our Pantelleria villas for a tourist tour

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Pantelleria, one of Sicily’s most enchanting destinations, choosing our villas in Pantelleria is a great idea. Equipped with private swimming pools and gardens, and spacious outdoor terraces, offering the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Our Pantelleria villas are located very close to the most beautiful island’s beaches and local villages so our guests can immerse themselves in Pantelleria’s original beauty and atmosphere.

This island offers a large range of activities for tourists, such as hiking, and swimming, and is also famous for its unique cuisine and the sweet dessert wine Passito di Pantelleria.

Pantelleria is full of beautiful attractions, and, thanks to them, you will have a unique experience! Your tourist tour should include a visit to the Lago di Venere, la Balata dei Turchi, and Laghetto delle Ondine.

Moreover, you should not miss the visits to Grotta del Bagno Asciutto and the Faro di Punta Spadillo.

We also recommend you visit the local wineries to enjoy a fantastic wine and food tasting at sunset.

Our villas in Pantelleria have a strategic localization to enable you to be close to most of the island’s attractions.

Browse our premium catalog of villas in Pantelleria and find the next exclusive structure for your vacation!