Beach villas in Sicily

Are you daydreaming about your next vacation on the beach? Our beach villas in Sicily are just a stone’s throw from the Sicilian island’s most beautiful beaches.

Picture yourself finding unforgettable shores outside your villa, with the possibility of enjoying the vast beaches and swimming in the refreshing seawater during the hot summer days.


Villas in Sicily on the Beach

Villas in Sicily on the Beach catalogue

Our catalogue contains a selection of premium villas in Sicily on the beach, accurately picked from the island’s most iconic spots. In addition, some villas are also located in the marvellous Sicily islands, such as Pantelleria and Favignana.

Sicily is the ideal destination for beach lovers as the island is characterised by variegated coasts that suit any preference. For example, the north is characterised by high and rocky bays, while the east coast has mixed areas from arrow pebble beaches to jagged shores to basaltic cliffs. Finally, on the south coast, you will find magnificent sandy beaches.

Thanks to the locations, you can enjoy different activities that interest kids and adults, from scuba diving to boat renting.

Each villa has all the amenities you need for a relaxing and fantastic experience. Look at our selection of beach villas in Sicily and book your favourite.

Why stay in one of our beach villas in Sicily?

Our beach villas in Sicily offer the extra comfort of finding yourself a step away from the most beautiful Sicilian beaches. You’ll have the possibility to access the beach through a private staircase or entrance. This way, you’ll have the chance to freshen up easily during the hot summer days, which is very convenient as from June to August, the temperature in Sicily can reach 40°C (104°F). 

Whether you are on vacation with friends, on a romantic getaway or enjoying quality time with your family, our collection of villas on the Beach in Sicily is the ideal choice! Have you ever tried to dip in seawater at midnight with your friends? Well, this is your great chance! Or imagine enjoying a drink at sunset on the beach, a dream experience come true. Only if you stay in one of these carefully picked villas, you’ll be able to live these memorable moments daily! 

Moreover, if you come with your kids, you can have fun building sand castles, diving into the sea or doing some snorkelling experience!  

Our collection is constantly updated, as our expert team is always looking for the best beach villas in Sicily to ensure you the vacation you deserve!