Villas in Selinunte

Live an extraordinary experience among Greek myths and legends in Selinunte! We have picked the most comfortable and well-positioned villas in Selinunte, on the South-west Sicilian coast, for you in this catalogue.

Staying in one of our villas in Selinunte means living just a few metres away from the largest archaeological site in Europe! Indeed, the archaeological site of Selinunte extends for 270 hectares (667,185 acres)!

Look now at our catalogue of Selinunte villas and pick your favourite!

Villas in Selinunte

Villas in Selinunte

Collection of villas in Selinunte

Our expert team has carefully selected our collections of villas in Selinunte to make you live the most authentic experience ever in this fantastic area of Sicily! 

Selinunte is included in the territory of Castelvetrano inside the Trapani district, and it is well known for the Greek ruins and uncontaminated beaches. Your tour in Selinunte can begin in Marinella di Selinunte, then go through Triscina di Selinunte and end in Belice Nature Reserve, a protected natural area vast 241 hectares around the Belice River long 77 km (47,8456 miles). 

Moreover, Selinunte is the ideal place to taste authentic Sicilian food, wine and sweets. However, if you want to buy fresh seafood, we recommend you go to Scalo di Bruca square, where there is an open fish market every morning!

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