Historical villas in Sicily

Would you like to immerse yourself in the history of the Sicilian culture? Our selection of historical villas in Sicily is ideal for living a unique experience surrounded by monuments, art, and history.

Imagine yourself walking through the corridor of a castle to get to your bedroom or living in a villa previously owned by aristocratic families, such as the Florio family. The historical villas will be the perfect foothold while visiting museums, historical buildings and much more.


Historic villas in sicily

Collection of historic villas in sicily

Our expert team have gathered the most luxurious historic villas in Sicily in this selection. The catalogue is perfect for anyone who desires to dive into this ancient island’s history. Sicily is known for its stunning natural landscape and local cuisine. However, the island has a lot more to offer! Byzantine, Arabs, Roman and Norman ruled over the island. Each left a piece of their culture reflected in recipes, monuments, art, religious buildings, and traditional music. The island is the cradle of archaeological sites, UNESCO sites, Greek temples, thermal establishments and more historical attractions. Get captivated by the beauty of the historical spots around the island while staying in one of our historical villas in Sicily! Browse our catalogue and choose your favourite!

Origins of our Historical Villas in Sicily

Our team has carefully picked all the historical villas in Sicily in this catalogue. From Castello di Falconara to Abbazia Santa Maria del Bosco to Villa La Scuderia, they all have stories to tell and live. 

For example, the Castello di Falconara was built in the XIV century to protect the Sicilian island from the Turkish invasion, thanks to its strategic position. Like most of the manor houses of that time, the Castello di Falconara is also the home of legends and mysteries. It’s said that under the Castle, there is a secret tunnel which leads to the Castle of Butera. 

Another example of a historic dwelling with a lot of history is the Abbazia di Santa Maria del Bosco. Initially, this place was home to twelve hermit monks in 1308 and later became the home base of the Olivetans, a monastic order.

All the historical villas in Sicily contained in this collection are the perfect accommodation for those who love to live a unique experience steeped in history. 

Look at our catalogue of historical villas in Sicily and choose your favourite. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service, we are here ready to help you.