Family villas in Sicily

If taking a vacation with your family is what you are looking for, then don’t look further than our premium selection of family villas in Sicily which are entirely child-friendly. 

Embark on a vacation filled with sun, sea, delectable cuisine, and rich culture in Sicily. This enchanting destination is perfect for both large families and couples with children, especially if you’re looking for accommodations that cater to the classic family holiday experience.

A break in Sicily will give your family all you need to recharge your batteries! So many entertaining activities are waiting for you, such as exploring nature, building sandcastles, visiting farms, and adventure parks, spending days in theme parks such as Etnaland, and much more. Our Sicily family villas offer safety and combine top-notch service with budget-friendly rates. Family is at the heart of Sicilian culture, influencing everything from the island’s culinary traditions to the passing down of cherished customs and knowledge.

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Why are our family villas in Sicily suitable for you and your children?

If you are looking for a comfortable villa with large outdoor areas where your kids can play and practice plenty of activities, our family villas in Sicily are the perfect locations! Thanks to the many activities provided, you can relax and enjoy the sunny days knowing that your little ones are having fun. Your family villa in Sicily will ensure a safe environment for you and your kids.

The services that we offer to your children include swimming pools with shallow water, extensive gardens, football courts, tennis courts, and so on.  However, most family villas also involve indoor spaces to entertain your kids. The swimming pool is equipped with a heating system to ensure an ideal bathing temperature for your children. Thanks to these features, you will enjoy a super relaxing holiday!

Furthermore, most of our structures also provide services that can make adults happy such as a whirlpool corner in the swimming pool, super-equipped kitchens, BBQ areas, a gym, and much more. Our family villas in Sicily have therefore all the comforts that will allow you to have wonderful times!

The structures present in our catalog are also selected for their activities that can bring adults and kids together. Family is the cornerstone of Sicilian culture, and this is also reflected in how houses are built and in the offered services. In most of our villas for families in Sicily, you and your children can indeed find some of that atmosphere.

In our villas in Sicily for families, you will spend a holiday made of sea and sun, food, fun and relaxing moments. Sicily is an amazing destination for couples with children and, in our structures, you will find all the services that you need to have a unique experience.

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Can our villas in Sicily accommodate both small and large families?

Our villas in Sicily selected by our expert team can accommodate both small and large families. The villas have from 4 to 16 bedrooms, large kitchens and living rooms, and numerous bathrooms. All indoor spaces have the necessary accessories to host you and your children, like the baby cot. Whatever the age of your child, we indeed offer you all the services you need to ensure a comfortable and peaceful stay. The villas for families also have wide outdoor spaces such as extensive gardens, large covered patios, and so on.

Are the family villas in Sicily suitable for the elderly?

If you have one or more elderly people with you, our family villas in Sicily are also suitable for them. They have a maximum of 1-2 floors and have bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms. They have also large living rooms with sofas where they can spend some time in case the weather is too hot in Sicily. The structures indeed provide air conditioning in almost all spaces. If the weather is not excessively hot, the ventilated patio is a good solution to spend some time on. Moreover, they are close to various services like supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, and so on.

Our villas for families are therefore equipped with all the amenities you need to ensure an unforgettable holiday for you and your family!


  • Are our family villas in Sicily equipped for children?

Our villas have been carefully selected to meet the needs of the whole family, especially children. Most of the properties have a cot and high chairs; however, if they are not specified in the villa description, you can request them. In addition, most of our family villas in Sicily offer activities to entertain children and teenagers such as football courts or tennis courts. If you need further information, please contact our customer service.

  • Are our villas suitable for people with disabilities?

Our selection includes villas with all the services you need to ensure a comfortable and peaceful stay. Some of the properties are on one floor and have large and comfortable bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms. For more specific information, contact our customer service.

  • Are our villas pet-friendly?

In some of our properties, pets are accepted so you can take the whole family with you!