Family villas in Sicily

If taking a vacation with your family is what you are looking for, then don’t look further than our premium selection of Family villas in Sicily which are entirely child-friendly. Our villas are ideal for both large families and couples with kids.

A break in Sicily will give your family all you need to recharge your batteries! So many entertaining activities are waiting for you, such as exploring nature, building sandcastles, visiting farms, adventure parks, spending days in theme parks such as Etnaland and much more.


Villas in sicily for families

Villas in Sicily for families catalogue

Our team has selected for you the most comfortable villas in Sicily for families, where your kids will have the opportunity to play and practise plenty of activities in the villa’s garden. So you can relax and enjoy the sunny days knowing that your little ones are having fun! Your family villa in Sicily will ensure a safe environment for you and your kids.

The villas in our catalogue are placed all over Sicily, and each city has its typical delicious food. However, all over the island, you will be able to find one of the best ice creams worldwide! You and your children will love to taste the tremendous artisanal ice cream produced by skilled Sicilian confectioners.

The family villas in Sicily that we have chosen can accommodate large and small families. They are equipped with all the amenities that will make your vacation even more special. Browse our catalogue and select the villa of your family’s dreams!

Characteristics of our Family villas in Sicily

What are the characteristics of our family villas in Sicily?

The main characteristic is spaciousness. Indeed, our family villas in Sicily have from 4 bedrooms, which can host eight guests, to 16 bedrooms for larger families!

Moreover, we have chosen villas that are equipped with extensive gardens. This way, your kids can play safely and enjoy the property’s greenery. Furthermore, almost all the villas in this collection have a large pool which can make you have enjoyable moments with your family!

Finally, we assure you that all the villas are situated in the safest neighbourhoods of Sicily, so you don’t have to worry, and all you need to do is have unique experiences with your loved ones!

Of course, we want you and your family to have a safe, relaxing, fun, and comfortable vacation! That’s why we have carefully picked all the villas in this catalogue.

Look now at our collection of family villas in Sicily and choose your favourite!