The strait of Messina

Along the border line

As many know, the Strait of Messina separates Sicily from Calabria, but it connects them at the same time. It is really evident in a particular moment. Imagine a wide mirror, now we have two similar pictures into the sea. It is really impossible to depict a clear image. The Fata Morgana represents the Messina mirage. When the water flow is particularly slow, an elusive optical phenomenon appears in the Strait of Messina. What you’ll see is the Calabrian coast completely reflected into the sea. Excluding the power of perception, this kind of landscape is actually similar from anywhere else of the seaside. The two twin brighting pillars are placed on the extreme points of Messina and Villa San Giovanni respectively. Moreover, the lights are so vibrant, that you could hardly distinguish the Sicilian coast.

Pillar of Faro Tower

In the extreme side of Messina, there is an incredible point of view: one of the most beautiful landmarks of Sicily. You can’t miss out! In general, look at the extraordinary position of Messina and all villages choose our beautiful villas in Sicily with sea view along the cost. Today, the pylon is a disused power line, so can be visited when you want. It is illuminated at night by 32 spotlights and is accessible reaching Capo Peloro point. Then, it could be an interesting activities location for you. The Lagoon Capo Peloro is a natural park and a biodiversity site. There, the Tyrrhenian and Ionian sea meet and provide the changing of water. It means that you can find many places for your sea vacancy. Indeed, this location has won the blue flag for the quality of the sea. On northern coast, explore the silent Capo Rasocolmo beach (20-30 km from the city) or the splendid Letojanni beach (40-50 km from the city) along the southern coast.

Ganzirri lake

The blue is in between two extreme points not only along the coast, but also in the middle of Messina. Near Torre Faro, driving just for ten minutes, you can move to the Ganzirri lake. You could also park just before and continue by foots. It is an ideal and natural paradise enclose in the city. There, you’ll see many different species of bird including herons and swans. The calm rhythm of water gives us a peaceful place. There, you could walk or go biking, but the lake is not recommend for the bathing! Make a long stop and eat some Sicilian dishes in the many restaurants along the lake. The best choice is surely ‘La Cambusa’ restaurant for your lunch or dinner. Don’t forget! If you are more interested to the fresh water, Messina and surroundings have a two relevant place for the thermal bath, Ali Terme (38 km) and Vigliatore Terme (52 km). Look at this article to know the thermal bathes in Sicily.

The mother of the Strait

If you reach the city crossing the Strait of Messina, you could see a splendid statue of the Madonna of letter. It looks like the great statue of Liberty of New York. She is placed on stone tower with a large basement. There, a Latin sentences says: “Vos et Epsom civitatem benedicimus”. It means: “We bless you and your city”. It is a quote from a letter the Virgin Mary sent to the population of Messina in the year 42. The giant figure of a gold woman welcomes you and all visitors. Many say that it is also a blessing for the travelers and for all who leave the island. It is considered also one of the best panoramas of the Strait of Messina. Reaching to the Fortress of San Salvatore, you’ll have a stunning point of the sea.

This article was written by Giulia Sofi

Today, she creates editorial content for cultural magazine and exhibition project.
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