The green gold

Sicilian olive oil production

The mite climate, sun and fertile soil make the olive oil one of the most appreciated products in Europe. The island occupies more than half territorial extension for cultivating olive. This is the why the olive trees depict a green mark on the Sicilian landscape from the slopes of mountains to seaside. Then, the olive tree is also a symbol of regeneration and renewal. If you’ll see a small olive branch hanged on a home door, you know that it is custom for the Sicilian people.

Where to go for tasting the olive oil

The countryside is ideal to appreciate the local olive oil production. You could plan your vacancy staying in our elegant villas in Sicily with private pool visiting the inner part of the island. There you’ll find out that many call olive oil ‘the green gold’ for the shining color and why the olive oil could be also murky and yellow. In many case, it is also an interesting experience going to the olive oil mill. Many villages use a very big room where collect and crush the local olives. Generally, this kind of places represents a group of small producers of olive oil. Here, a small guide to the best olive oil producer in Sicily according to the renowned experts of ‘Gambero Rosso’. Look also the article Farmhouse in Sicily and know some places for the production of the olive oil. Furthermore, if you love cook, why not take some notes from the lesson of Cotume.

A high quality certification

The olive oil production has different typologies of olive, for this reason, you’ll find several scents and tastings. Here some kind of olive oil according to the regional origin with the Designations of Origin granted to Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.: the PDO ‘Monti Iblei’, the PDO ‘Valli Trapanesi’, the PDO ‘Val di Mazara’, the PDO ‘Monte Etna’, the PDO ‘Valle del Belice’ and the PDO ‘Valdemone’. When you’ll read the PDO tag on bottle you know that there varieties of oil have been awarded the certification of Protected Designation of Origin. If you want an amount of olive oil for your stockpile, you can order on Sicibia, the best deliver in Sicily.

This article was written by Giulia Sofi
Today, she creates editorial content for cultural magazine and exhibition project.
Her articles have been published in some art magazine like CityRivista and Insideart.