The Sicilian fruits

Colors and flavors

Mediterranean wind brings us flavors and natural essences. But, many know that Sicily is also a scented island thanks to its food and gastronomic products. You could try different local specialities, especially in the summer. A great variety of fruit gives us fresh juices and ice creams. Cantaloupe, watermelon, prickly pear and much more…Ah, wait! Don’t forget to look for the Sicilian tropical fruit! This kind of new local production is often present in the best exclusive restaurants along the sea side. But now, here we are to know our sweets!


On Northside of the the Sicily, it is very frequent to find a gelatinous cake in any pastry shop or restaurant. This particular dessert is called Gelo di Melone (jelly watermelon), because the gelatin solidifies the watermelon juice with cinnamon. On the bar shelfs, you’ll see a vivid red color and Jasmin flowers putted above the trays. Then, an other gastronomic Sicilian masterpiece is the Parfait di Mandorle (almond parfait). It is an ice-cream dessert with almonds and melted chocolate. To taste all these specialities, visit Palermo and surroundings choosing our beautiful Mondello apartments. Here in Mondello, we suggest to taste Parfait di Mandorle and Gelo di Melone in the historical bar Alba, the best one!

Fresh slushes

This delicious product represents an explosion of freshness. When the hot temperatures increase, you can enter in any bar and ask a slush. We suggest to try pistachio or mulberry slush, absolutely! The mulberry is a fruit that grows at the beginning of summer with a sweet white or purple fruit, very similar to a small bunch. Especially Messina is the ideal place where you can taste it! Stay in our villas for 2 in Sicily to visit this city and enjoy summer and sea! For a perfect tasting, you should eat slush trying different fruits, pistachio, almond, strawberry and…always with a soft mount of whipped cream and a brioche, as the tradition dictates!


Here in Sicily, it is very common to prepare many marmalades during the winter. Usually, the local producers choose oranges, lemons, tangerines to prepare marmalades and delicious desserts of course… But also to add an other tidbit to the aperitivo! How?! Eating different marmalades with the aged cheeses. It represents a special combination between sweet and savory flavors. In this respect, the grape marmalade is the most particular one. A delicious product with a brown color you can taste discovering Pantelleria. Read our article to know the island and gastronomic specialities.

This article was written by Giulia Sofi

Today, she creates editorial content for cultural magazine and exhibition project.
Her articles have been published in some art magazine like CityRivista and Insideart.