Discovering Pantelleria

Pantelleria, called ‘the black pearl of the Mediterranean’, is a wild, volcanic island, unique and rich in history, and the first National Park in Sicily. This oasis offers well-being, calm and tranquillity and is capable of satisfying various interests, such as fishing, diving, trekking, wine and food tasting. It is ideal for a relaxing experience, especially in the wonderful villas in Pantelleria known as Dammusi.

The island’s corners of paradise

The hinterland harbours lush green landscapes with a wide variety of flora. There are several hidden corners of paradise, such as Balata dei Turchi with its crystal-clear waters and small secret submarine caves, to which an unpaved road just a few kilometres long leads, the Martingana descent with its beautiful vineyards and the Arco dell’Elefante (Arch of the Elephant), so called because of its elephant-head-shaped cliff. Thermal and healing waters are present in several areas of the island such as in Nikà and Gadir with its natural thermal pools.

There are several caves, small inlets or coves that can only be reached by sea on boats or typical gozzi. For trekking enthusiasts, the island offers natural trails in the most unspoilt nature, giving the opportunity to enjoy sunsets in the warm and sensational colours that characterise the island’s identity. An evocative and soothing place is the Lago di Venere, an extinct crater of an ancient volcano in the heart of the island of Pantelleria, where you can be pampered by the warm, thermal, sulphur-filled water.

Along the coast, one comes to Punta Spadillo with its historic lighthouse and a path leading to the intimate and protected area of Laghetto delle Ondine, a wonderful natural pool surrounded by black lava.

In the heart of the island, the slopes of Montagna Grande dominate majestically. Climbing and walking along the path you can witness a true natural spectacle, the Favare, jets of water vapour that escape from the cracks in the rocks inside the island at a temperature of up to 100 degrees.

For a unique and authentic experience, we recommend staying in Dammusi. These typical Pantelleria dwellings are built of lava stone, with a characteristic domed roof.

The island’s streets always offer surprising views. An island that smells of zibibbo, sulphur and sea;
an exclusive island for true connoisseurs of nature, sea and flavours.

Other unmissable experiences in Pantelleria

The food and wine aspect should not be overlooked. The presence of several wineries suggests that the island has a particular soil suitable for the cultivation of zibibbo (a special type of vine with a sweetish taste). The island lives mainly on agriculture, and being a predominantly windy island, its Pantelleria gardens imitate the typical Arab ones, so to protect crops or trees, secure and solid stone fences are built.