Fiumara d’arte, ‘the politic of beauty’

Contemporary art in Sicily

The title is a perfect to sum what this incredible operation is. Fiumara d’arte is a long path where several piece of art are scatted. It is created between Madonie Natural Park and the Mountain Nebrodi where the River Tusa flowed many years ago, For this reason, we can translate literally ‘river of art’. This incredible park recalls the ‘land art’ and the American desert. We are talking about famous artistic movement of art, born in America in the 1970. Sure, we could not intend this ‘opera’ like a way to re-propose this American operation, but we find a lot of similarities. First of all, an immersive status between man and nature. How? Making art ! Please check website of Atelier sul Mare… In this case, the Sicilian landscape and the incredible sculptures combine an amazing mix. Fiumara d’arte is also an art foundation, instituted in 1986 according to Antonio Presti’s wishes. This Sicilian patron has donated all piece of art to the territory of Messina sharing this cultural heritage with all people.

To be part of the light

So, probably, your feelings will be to stay near a giant creature. Indeed, this size responds to the dimension of landscape above all surrounding environment. In total we count eleven sculptures and several artists: P. Consagra, T. Festa, M. Staccioli, H. Nagasawa etc… Take a look of this schedule to plan your visit during the vacancy days. Then, we suggest to pay attention to a particular event. In Motta d’Affermo, a small village, is located a special artworks called ‘Pyramid – 38° parallel’. The Foundation of Fiumara d’Arte organizes a particular event every year in June. It starts with a social experiment. During all day long, writers, anthropologists, artists, dancers participate a big performance which has special moment in sunset. Indeed, it calls ‘Light ritual’ because the sunset light hit the pyramid creating a surreal light line. In general, this giant sculpture looks like different according to rhythm of daylight.

Going around Fiumara d’arte

This open-air museum is in a dialogue with a private world. So, ‘the show must go on’, because Fiumara d’arte includes a second place, ‘Atelier sul mare’, a spectacular hotel in Tusa, nearby Cefalù. Artists leave their sign realizing other masterpieces in many private rooms. There all room are in front of the sea. Intimate atmosphere surrounds you, completely. Pay your attention to the name of rooms: ‘Double Dream’, ‘Mystery of the moon’, ‘The mouth of the truth’, exc… Every single room has an interesting story which has inspired many artist and visitors. Many people visit this area every year. Then, this kind of vacancy combine art, culture and fun. It is ideal especially who wants to spend free time, swimming or trekking for example. Tusa, Capo d’Orlando and Gioiosa Marea are small village with beach resorts and restaurants, where you find some Sicily villas with pool. Moreover, this part of Sicily is characterized by hills and plane lands. Visiting Fiumara d’arte can be an excuse to explore this natural zone.

Inside the countryside

Indeed, the artworks are located in different place along the cost side and the inner part of Nebrodi. In some case you can exit and enter in the natural paths inside of Nebrodi Park. In general, a lot of signal are present for help visitors. In any case, we suggest to book a naturalist guide and explore the zone. Before to start, please don’t forget to bring a map with you. In general, the distance from one site to the others ranges almost 30 or 40 kilometres. Here, Wood Yew, Biviere Lake and Soro Mountain represent three crucial natural points. Especially Soro Mountain case is an experience not to be missed. From there, you can see top of Mountain Madonie, of Etna and Eolie Islands in the same time. It’s easy to find an intimate and relaxed atmosphere in these ancient villages. These place are not crowded, usually. For a countryside accommodation take a look in our catalogue Sicily villas for two (the one in Pettineo particularly). If I were you I would take this opportunity to visit also the rural villages. For example, Ganci, Mistretta, Castel di Lucio. Here, look at this beautiful luxury villas in Sicily. We suggest to spend three or four days to appreciate the cheese factory and local gastronomic products.

This article was written by Giulia Sofi.

Today, she creates editorial contents for cultural magazines and exhibition projects.
Her articles have been published in some art magazines like CityRivista and Insideart.