What take with you from Sicily

Where find precious objects

As many knows the Sicily has an rich cultural heritage. It reflects art, history, traditions and knowledge too. You can notice all of this visiting the island and speech with people, but also paying attention to objects. Everywhere you want to go, from the coastline to the countryside, you’ll find small and big treasures. About vacancy or trip, one of the most beautiful thing is come back to home with many memories. A sort of experience is often held in a unique object which recalls special moments. It means not only buy a souvenir, but bind yourself with a object. Follow us in this tour to know what you can’t lost.


In Caltagirone, small city between Catania and Siracusa, there is an old tradition. Here, the craft of ceramists is handed down from one generation to another. The production of ceramics includes: big pots, cups, dishes, candle holder, tile and a lot of things to furnish your home. Walking around ancient streets you’ll find out that the all city is decorated with ceramics. Buildings, squares and streets tell us many stories about Sicily. To admire all of these things, we suggest to take a break here for 2 o 3 days in this zone in the villas in Val di Noto. Look at the craftsmanship in the ceramics and paintings. Moreover, when you stop there, visit especially the ceramic laboratories and choose your favorite pieces.

Gastronomic specialities

Until now we talked about objects and handicraft, but exist also an immaterial heritage comes from nature. This is the case of local food. Visit Modica and let you enchant from the yellow stone and Baroque style. Here, you should absolutely taste the local chocolate. Especially near Noto, where you’ll find beautiful Sicily villas with pool, there are two small villages Ispica and Pachino. You can reach these places there driving for 40-50 minutes. It really worth to spend many three or four days to stay here. All of this zone represents a Baroque manifesto. Then, in Pachino there is a specialities which is consumed in all island, the tomato. There you can buy jars of dried tomato or sauce. But in general, visiting this part of Sicily you can fill up your bag with oil, liquors, wine, preserve. Go and taste!

Perfume and jewels

Considering the wind come from the sea and pass trough hills, you will find out the scent which air brings. Here the nature express its essence in special fragrance. It is the case of the famous ‘perfume of zagara’ for example. If you’ll come here during the spring, you’ll see that all orange and lemon tree are bloomed. The zagara is the small and white flower which covers the tree totally. It not miss the Jasmine. It is a flower which grows everywhere in Sicily. The perfume has a delicate fragrance which recall exactly the flower. It will seem to be in summer for all year long. To appreciate this perfume, you can consider perfume of zagara also for your home. For this, we suggest to reach Taormina and Ortigia. Both are two beautiful cities where the jewel shops and perfume shops. In general, several shops of rich cloths and textiles are located in the old centre. Go there and open your eye!

‏This article was written by Giulia Sofi

‏Today, she creates editorial content for cultural magazine and exhibition project.
Her articles have been published in some art magazine like CityRivista and Insideart.