The small theaters of Sicily

The telling stories

The mixture of different cultures and stories is significant in the the art of Sicily. An entire artistic patrimony has been created by poetry, visual art, dance, cinema. The same rule plays the music and the opera. In relation to music, the maximum freedom of expression is in the popular music, folk song and oral tradition. Generally, the Sicilian folk tradition is through the street, the markets, the populated and public space. There, the folk culture is largely represented by the puppet theatre, known as the Opera dei Pupi, which is emerged in Sicily at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It enjoyed great success among the island’s working classes and then the entire Sicilian culture.

The Sicilian puppets

The Sicilian puppets theaters are mostly located in the old town of Palermo and Catania. The show plays in comfortable places considering that Sicilian puppets theaters is an ‘home theater’. If you want to discover the inner city, the music and folk tradition, take a look at the luxury apartments in Sicily for choosing the city that you want visit. Anyway, there, the telling stories has many ways to express the creativity. Surely, the best entertainment is to listen stories. The Sicilian puppets theatre represents a different way to do it. Gestures, acting, music are made by a unique person who is always the narrator. The puppets and the stories represent the fantastic stories of The Orlando Furioso, the Paladin of Carlo Magno kind and ” The One thousand and one night”.

Some information for the puppets theatre

Today, the craft of puppets and telling stories is hand down from one generation to another. One of the most popular author of the puppets show is the Cuticchio family, but you’ll find the best collection of puppets of Sicily in the Museo delle Marionette in Palermo. The Napoli family is the the most ancient in Catania. The show ticket also includes a visit to museum and their workspace. Usually, this kind of theater includes a program of various spectacles and events. The shows are frequently during the weekend, but we recommend to make a reservation by phone.

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