The Pillirina beach and the Plemmirio zone

A natural paradise near Siracusa

The yellow walls are open to a deep blue of the Ionian Sea. The crystalline water is always calm, thanks to the presence of small bays all around. Normally, it is not a crowded place. The beach of Pillirina is often silent and clean. Then, you could find a natural environment not too far from there. Driving just for 20 minutes from Siracusa, you’ll have the opportunity to breathe fresh air and come in a marine protected area. When you look for the place, remember that the real name is Punta della Mola. From there, you can also reach the Plemmirio Natural Park. The entire area represents a special destination where biodiversity is preserved inside. This natural path has an extreme point, Capo Murro di Porco, you don’t miss out! To explore beaches, caves, and natural trekking paths, take your time and relax in our Sicily villas with a private pool near Siracusa.

Old stories

‘Pillirina’ was a dialectal expression and meant ‘pilgrim’. The story tell us that a pilgrim woman walked for long distance to reach this place every day. She escaped from her promised man who she didn’t want to marry. Indeed, she fell in love with a fisherman who lived here, inside of the Punta della Mola cave. According to the story, one day, the two lovers disappeared suddenly. The sea, rugged ground and steep cliffs of Plemmirio Natural Park and surroundings have inspired a lot of stories starting from Enea hero in the Eneide. Excepting for the unreal stories, the entire area was the scene of greek culture.


There are 35 access points to the sea in the area. This is the why you’ll find many stunning points like Punta Milocca and Punta Castelluccio. Then, also during the winter, it also an ideal place for outdoor activities to choose from, like snorkeling hiking and trekking. Surely, the most attractive activity is the excursion in the Maddalena Peninsula. You’ll explore inside the ‘two brothers cave’, the ‘love cave’ and the protected environment of Pillirina. The tour has long three hours and, on overage, costs 60,00 euro for person (20,00 euro for children). Moreover, if you are bicycle lover, you should explore the Rossana Maiorca of Siracusa cycle lane. Everybody can go around renting a bike with the ciclabili siciliane service. It is short (just 7 kilometers) and suitable for any type of bike. Then, it has not many levels, so the degree of difficulty is very low. The Rossana Maiorca Cycle Path starts from the War Memorial. Among the main attractions, you could visit the Scoglio dei Cappuccini, the Scoglio Due Fratelli, the ruins of the Station of Santa Panagia at the beautiful Tonnara di Santa Panagia, one of the most fascinating corners of the whole itinerary.

This article was written by Giulia Sofi

Today, she creates editorial content for cultural magazine and exhibition project.
Her articles have been published in some art magazine like CityRivista and Insideart.