The ancient treasures of Selinunte

Jump into the past

There is richness where we meet different things. This is true especially in Sicily, which is a crucial mix between geography, history and cultures. If we consider the south-west of Sicily, the complexity and variety of this Island expand more and more. The scenarios change around the area of Trapani. So, each small town is different from the others on the cost side, like in the Saline of Trapani or in the Egadi Islands and in the Marsala lagoon. Here, life is completely bound to the sea. This is why the Greeks came here, where they chose to found many centres.

The Greek city

In the past Selinunte was called Selinus, the ancient Greek city. It represents an incredible example of Greek civilisation, but it is also a special destination for all kinds of tourism. Today we admire the ancient Selinunte inside of the Archaeological Park located in Marina di Selinunte. The park is open every day, but with different schedules according to the time of the year. The visit price is 8 euros or 12 euros including shuttle service. The ancient city extends from the board wall to the many temples and necropolises. Today visiting this place is a greater opportunity than ever, since here archaeologists have undug the biggest agora in the world. Then looking on the right of the same agora, a few feet away from the sacred area of Megaphoros, the spontaneity of nature thrives and it appears wholly integrated with the ancient city. Here a fresh water stream reaches the sea. When the sun paints the buildings yellow, it is mostly pleasant to spend some time outdoors, strolling or pedalling down the different paths while breathing in fresh air. Moreover, the colour of the sea is the natural background for summer concerts and various events which take place inside this scenario.

Cusa caves

Many are familiar with the Archaeological Park of Selinunte, but only few know that just less than 10 miles northward, precisely in Campobello di Mazzara, there are the Cusa caves. They can be visited by buying a four-euro ticket. When people think about caves, they usually imagine a steep place, but Cusa caves actually make an exception. Easily accessible both by walking and by any means of transport, the entrance to the caves has no steps and no obstacle whatsoever. The caves represent a natural entrance to the Sicilian countryside. The landscape is characterised by small dunes and beautiful olive trees and anyone can take a nice walk through it. At a different level the rocks of calcarenite surface and surround the visitors completely. Suddenly, inside of this green background visitors can take a look at something they have never seen before: giant round stones. These amazing sculptures are stone blocks, actually. In the past the park was indeed a cave, the very factory where those we call ‘temples’ were built: that is – today – the Archaeological Park of Selinunte!

Around Selinunte

Moreover, the area around this place offers a rich culinary tradition. Many special kinds of fish can be tasted by the Tre Fontane beach and at the lighthouse of Capo Graticola. If you want to stop many days, you could opt these villas in Selinunte. Then, wine tasting and farmhouses characterize the typical holiday of this countryside, where you can also stay in these luxury villas in Sicily. For example, Glamping Nuvolive, located in the area of Castelvetrano, is a beautiful place where visitors can taste some delicious wine and spend some quality time.

This article was written by Giulia Sofi

‏Today, she creates editorial content for cultural magazine and exhibition project.
Her articles have been published in some art magazine like CityRivista and Insideart.