Sicilian winter

Sicily, a magical land full of wonders, its colours, flavours and glorious history have an incredible charm, every corner of the island holds surprises to be jealously guarded.
The sun and beaches frame a climate that makes the island ideal for experiencing the sea in summer and for enjoying it during the other seasons of the year. Even in winter it can offer endless surprises,
in December when snow falls on Mount Etna, the famous volcano in the Catania area, or in the surrounding mountain villages, the landscape becomes almost magical and it is possible to venture out for long and pleasant excursions to the snow-covered peaks.

In the Messina area, in the Nebrodi zone on the slopes of Monte Soro, we find Lake Maullazzo, one of the most evocative lakes on the island, which at the coldest time of the year, from January onwards, turns into an icy sheet and, with the snow covering the surrounding area, enjoys an astonishing charm. Visiting the small villages fascinates and enchants and the Nebrodi areas are the ideal destination to discover the beauty of Sicily in winter. From the beautiful medieval village at the foot of Mount Etna, Randazzo to the villages of Tortorici with its stone vaults and Montalbano Elicona with its mysterious megaliths and medieval castle.

Moving between Caltagirone and Erice, we enter the Christmas mood par excellence with their majestic nativity scenes, among the most famous on the entire island, created with a variety of very material and local materials, from glass to wood, from pasta to fabric, and where traditional Christmas markets are set up.

Staying in one of our luxury villas in Sicily in the Christmas mood, moving towards the Trapani area, the typical Custonaci stages every year the most evocative living nativity scene on the island. 160 figures from all over Sicily perform ancient rural trades inside the prehistoric Grotta Mangiapane, staging moments of daily life.

Sicily in winter is also confetti, floats and excellent sweets with the Carnival of Acireale and Sciacca. Unceasing work leads to the creation of majestic allegorical floats made strictly of papier-mâché, and the spectacular parade of the always creative floats appreciated by adults and children alike cannot be missed. These marvellous attractions are also easily accessible by car, moving from one destination to another while admiring the surrounding natural wealth.

A magical island full of treasures to be discovered all year round.