Sicilian street food

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Visit Sicily means also to know cultural mixture of the local cooking. Today, we know the ‘street food’ like an expression of ‘the modern times’, but is not really true. From the old days, greengrocers, butchers and artisans showed products along the street. Indeed, anyone could buy according to a personal choosing. Here in Sicily, it is still like that today. This kind of food is made up of poor ingredients and large quantities. Indeed, the secret of success is certainly a great taste with a low price!

What to eat:

As many know, the historic centre of the cities represents the main place where to taste the Sicilian street food. In this sense, you could find out the Sicilian food in the ancient centre of Palermo. Choose your favourite place in our Palermo apartments or in our family villas in Sicily to be out of the main cities. For any kind of choice look to other destinations. Anyway, the product are several  in every single part of Sicily. In general, the daily markets is the place where you can choose more and more. Here, there are some tips for you:

1. Catania. You should know the ‘fishermen’s snack’, a strange dishes called ‘u mauru’. It is a red seaweed with a strong flavors. Try the local specialities in Piazza Pardo and Piazza Alonzo di Benedetto, where you’ll find the old fish market.
2. Trapani. A Sicilian speciality of bread minced fresh tomatoes with dried oregano, semi-matured Sicilian pecorino cheese, sliced thinly and layered. At the end, some fillet of salty anchovy on top. ‘Pane cunzato’ is always served in the entire Trapanese zone, including the Egadi islands.
3. Palermo. Here, there are several things that you could taste. ‘Panelle e crocchè’ (bread, chickpea fritters and potato croquettes) ‘Arancina’ fries rice-ball with pork ragu and peas or with ham and mozzarella.

Here, we can’t make a complete list of Sicilian street food. For example, it is common to see two or three men grill meat or fish in a square or street. Certainly, you should come in these cities and taste it all! Then, we can’t forget ‘calia e simenza’. It is not properly ‘food’, but like a little snack. When you go around in the street, you could find small carts with different basket. Come close to these for little cone with a mix of chickpeas and roasted pumpkin seeds. Usually, this kind of stuff is consumed to stop the feeling of hungry.

Sicilian street drinks

When you go around or visit Sicily try also the local and artisan drinks. Using fresh flavours and essences, the Sicilian drinks are the ideal thirst quencher.

1. Water with anice. The elder plant is very common in Sicily. Indeed, it is also called ‘Acqua e zammù’. This word is come from the Sicilian dialect to nominate the elder tree. Usually, the Sicilian family drinks water and anice with a coffee bean.
2. Almond milk. It is a typical Sicilian drink made by infusing finely chopped almond in the water. Usually, this drink is served in a chilled glass.
3. Spuma, the sparkling Sicilian drink with the taste and aroma of raisin.
4. Cedrata, another sparkling Sicilian drink with criterion and lemon juice.

As the traditions dictates, the food here is focused on sharing. So come to know this incredible popular heritage!

This article was written by Giulia Sofi

Today, she creates editorial content for cultural magazine and exhibition project.
Her articles have been published in some art magazine like CityRivista and Insideart.