Sicilian fish food

Flavors sea

The blue of Mediterranean Sea dominates the island completely. It is natural resource brings incredible perfumes and colours. You’ll see beautiful beaches and seabed everywhere you decide to spend your free time. Then, the sea culture is reflected in the any villages located along the coast. Especially in the old centers, you’ll appreciate the local food and typical restaurants. Surely, the island offers you many places to visit. But, in any case, the view is always amazing from the seaboard to the open sea and vice versa. When you’ll plan your journey time consider the opportunity to see the coast from a boat. In general, in the old ports, you can reserve a trip with a seaman staff. They bring you along the coast to explore the caves or eating fish they catch. Usually, the boat trip costs 35-40 euros for one person. It is unforgettable experience to do in any minor Islands or in any sea village. This is the case of Cefalù and surrounding, check also our catalogue of Villas in Cefalu. It is represent a perfect destination for who want to know the sea culture.

North coast

On the west, near Trapani, there are two beautiful sea villages, Scopello and San Vito lo Capo. You can go there driving for 40 minutes. All these small village have a breath-taking panorama, so, have you considered to stay in a Sicily villa with the sea view ? Here, maybe, you’ll have the feeling to smell Maroccan flavors. It’s right! Indeed, the Arab culture and folklore have a long past in this area. If you’ll visit these places in September, we suggest to go to the Couscous fest in San Vito lo Capo. The best way to eat couscous is with fish soup. Peppers, courgettes and tomatoes are cooked together in order to have a tasty broth. Mix all with tuna and squids. Then, especially in Mazara del Vallo, you’ll find another local speciality. It is the red prawn of Mazara, a typical product which you can find in the best restaurants. Usually, the red prawn is served with spaghetti and tomatoes sauce. We suggest to taste the delicious cooking in Principe Granatelli restaurant.

Fish Markets

Palermo, Catania, Messina, each big city has a market. There, you can buy fresh fish, octopuses and crustaceans everyday. Frequently, when you are passing from a stand to another, you’ll find swordfish or tuna cover the tables. Historically, Sicily has created an important business hunting tunas. Tuna fishery has represented a cut of earnings in Sicilian economy. Today, everything is changed, but the quality has maintained the same standard. The products are several in the fish market. We suggest to buy the local specialities. For example tuna tenderloin in glass jar or a small tube of bottarga are typical seasonings to bring with you to smell the Sicilian flavors.

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