Palermo, wealth and beauty

Florio’s Hauses

It would be not sufficient one week to see all Liberty cases in Palermo. In the early twentieth century, this beautiful style was spread across the Europe. We found many examples in buildings, textile, objects exc… The excellent heritage of Liberty style decorates a lot of old villas in Palermo. Indeed, that period represents what we call Belle Époque today. About this, we can’t forget to mention the Florio family. They were the richest entrepreneurs in Sicily. Their industries were expanded in all Europe trading cloth, forniture, tobacco, wine. The business affairs has grown so much that the Florio family bought a lot of estate. They built many villas thank the most brilliant architects who were able to use Liberty style. Here, we select for you three cases you can’t miss.

Quattro Pizzi Palace

On Northside of the city, this place is located in the old seaside village of Arenella where the Florio owned the old tonnara (tuna fishery). It represents one of a kind example of Liberty and neo-gothic style building. In this sense, we can understand the presence of significant elements observing four spires, called ‘pizzi’ in Italian. We suggest to book an guide visit paying an 8,00 euro ticket. Usually, the Florio House Association is open on Saturday from 02:00 pm to 6:00 pm and 10:00 until 02:00 pm on Sunday. This part of Palermo is perfect to appreciate pure air and nature. Moreover, along the coast side you’ll find many restaurants to eat delicious fish dishes in Sirenetta club or in the famous Charleston palace. The beachside is connected very well with the rest of the city, so you can decide to spend here your free time. Take a look to our Sicily villas with pool catalogue in Mondello.

Florio’s villa

Many intend this building as the Florio house, but is not true. What we’ll see is the hunting estate actually. The enter is free visiting the villa from Tuesday to Saturday 09:30 am until 01:00 pm. If you prefer to stay in center, look these apartments in the historic part of Palermo. Indeed, you can reach this place walking just for 15 minutes. Indeed, the villa is located just outside the historic center. Instead, considering to take a car you can park easily in Viale Regina Margherita near Florio’s villa. The best advice we can give you is to pay attention to the small tower. After you visit the saloon, please go upstairs on the roof and admire the fine details of the Liberty style.

This article was written by Giulia Sofi

Today, she creates editorial content for cultural magazine and exhibition project.
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