How to select the right structure

Sicily has always been one of the most comprehensive and sought-after destinations due to its variety of landscapes, cultures and activities. Indecision often gets the upper hand, and for this very reason, we have compiled a list of five tips to help you get your bearings correctly when choosing the right accommodation to allow you to optimise your time and exceed your expectations, hoping that you will be able to extend your stay as long as possible so as not to miss any of the surprises of this land full of stories and legends. Whatever your ideal type of holiday, cultural, seaside, in nature, Sicily offers wonderful historical villas in Sicily, beach villas in Sicily, villas in Sicily with sea view and many more.

Between archaeology and mythology
For lovers of archaeological treasures and remote mythological legends, Sicily offers several destinations. Places that to this day conceal mysteries and curiosities, remaining authentic despite the passage of years. The presence of Greek temples and Roman villas predominates over almost the entire Sicilian territory, but locating the best-known and most unspoilt areas of interest are those in the Trapani area, with Segesta and Selinunte enjoying splendid archaeological parks and endless beaches. Next is the majestic and well-known Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, now a World Heritage Site with its majestic temples and Hellenistic quarter. In the centre of the island we find Enna, a city perched on a scenic rock and filled with historical artefacts dating back to prehistoric times. Continuing eastwards, Ragusa and Siracusa, also recounted in ancient Greek texts, preserve magnificent ruins of theatres, temples, acropolis and necropolis; and finally Tindari, in the province of Messina, with its marvellous black madonna in the sanctuary that dominates an area with centuries and centuries of history, such as its temples, domus and Roman villas. Given the large number of exhibits, we recommend a strategically located location, such as the eastern part of Sicily; considering a radius from Agrigento to the Noto Valley.

The majestic Baroque
Art and different ethnic influences have coloured Sicily with magnificence, making it an open-air museum. Among the styles most evident and maintained over the years is the Baroque. An architectural style based on abundance, luxury, sinuous lines and imposing forms. There is a specific area where the most striking testimonies can be found, where walking around looking up is a rule! The Val di Noto. Known for being the home of authentic Baroque and part of UNESCO and above all for preserving Noto, the capital city of Baroque. Where architecture, not just urbanism, becomes harmony, beauty and inspiration. A structure located between the Val di Noto and Catania would undoubtedly fit the bill.

Trekking and landscapes
Lovers of nature, unspoilt landscapes and trekking will certainly find great satisfaction around Sicily. The good fortune of being a natural oasis and home to several protected areas and geological parks makes it a popular destination. Usually the recommended periods are spring or early autumn, but as there are no harsh winters, any period is adequate; a mild climate is ideal for spending unforgettable days discovering craters, caves, natural waterfalls and trails. Among the main parks is the Madonie Park, which in turn enjoys splendid locations surrounded by forests, woods and flourishing hills such as, Castelbuono, Petralia, Geraci and Enna, which also overlooks the eastern side where the Nebrodi Park is located. A green and uncontaminated area with infinite species of flora and fauna that live and grow in complete freedom. Alpine and volcanological guides will accompany you on this amazing adventure among Etna’s summit craters, the immense caldera of the Valle del Bove and the lava caves. Considering the variety of places to visit, selecting a facility in the western area between Palermo and Cefalù would amply satisfy the most adventurous.

The scent of the sea
Sicily has always been a favourite destination for lovers of seaside holidays. As the region with the most swimmable coastline at 900 km, it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, both sandy and rocky. The fishing villages scattered along the Sicilian coastline are magical and picturesque. Villages with curious histories, colourful dwellings and traditional and eccentric moored fishing boats. In the western part of the island there are countless white, endless beaches, such as those from Palermo, Scopello and Castellammare to Agrigento with the surreal scenery of the Balata dei Turchi and the crystal-clear island of Lampedusa just a stone’s throw away. Starting from the Trapani area, on the other hand, we can find: the ancient Tonnara of Scopello, the seaside village of Castellammare, the beaches of San Vito with its well-known and delicious typical dish Cous Cous, and also one of the entry points to the stupendous Zingaro Nature Reserve with its hiking trails totally immersed in nature; Trapani with its archipelago of the Egadi Islands, the small island of Mozia, the salt pans of Marsala, and the sandy expanses of Selinunte and Sciacca. These are just a few of the most sought-after locations, but for those who love relaxation and soft, warm sand, we recommend a facility located in this corner of Sicily. While for those who favour more rocky and adventurous scenery, surely the eastern part of the island can satisfy different needs with equally special and breathtaking locations with dark coastlines and crystal-clear sea.

History and Traditions
There are several destinations in Sicily that have maintained authenticity, traditions and historicity. Usually, these destinations are a little further away from population centres, urban chaos, traffic and inordinate technology. Well-known are the medieval villages that teem with history and magic, with labyrinths of narrow streets and alleyways characterising the historic centres. Pebbles and stone dominate the architecture and paving. Authentic handicraft shops sell ceramics, textiles and much more. Among the most symbolic western destinations are Erice, Salemi, Cefalù, Pollina, Petralia Soprana, Geraci, Gangi, Castelbuono, Cammarata Sambuca di Sicilia. Facilities in this particular area of Sicily will offer the ultimate in Sicilian culture and original flavour.