Flying over Sicily

Palermo tours by plane

Observing with a different perspective could be a way to see and understand new things. Another view of many places changes on your watch. The Sicily from the sky is absolutely on the list of ‘things to do’! So, you could choose a trustworthy and comfortable experience flying over Palermo. Spending more than 4 or 5 five days in Palermo city, you’ll have time to live in the city and its beauty. In this sense, if you decide to visit Palermo, look at the elegant apartments in Palermo or enjoy the sea in Mondello apartments. From inside or outside, Palermo is surrounded by the sea and the mountains. So, it would be incredible to admire this natural landscape from a plane. Excluding the Punta Raisi Palermo Airport, there is also another one that is called Boccadifalco. The airport is not far from the city, but we recommend driving your car or taking a taxi and going toward Monreale Way. There, you’ll find the Aero Club Palermo, a sports centre to learn flying. During the weekend, the service of flying tours is open to the public. The small plane flew over the golf of Palermo for 20 minutes. The ticket tour costs 150 euros for two or three people in total. To have more information look at the Aero Club Palermo and book your tour of Palermo by plane.

Palermo tours by helicopter

In a different way, you could make a similar tour with the helicopter. Casa nostra offers you a tour flying over the Palermo coast or a more extended area. The option tour are many:

  • Silver Tour: 18 minutes flight duration. It includes the overflight of the city of Palermo, the Gulf of Mondello and its beaches up to the Santa Vergine Maria district.
  • Gold Tour: 25 minutes flight duration. It includes, in addition to the Silver Tour itinerary, the overflight of Monte Cuccio, the splendid Isola delle Femmine and the beaches of Sferracavaollo.
  • Platinum Tour: lasts 46 minutes. Complete the Silver and Gold Tours, with the opportunity to enjoy the entire Palermitan coast. You will fly over Partitico, Scopello, Alcamo Marina, Terrasini and Monte Pellegrino.

Catania hot-air balloon tour

You will have the possibility to fly over the highest volcano in Europe. The tour includes many zones in the middle of Sicily including Catania and Taormina. In this case, you could also consider our Luxury villas in Sicily in West South of the island.
The tour is very exciting inside of the hot air balloon: it floats in the air by the winds. The pilot can only govern the power of flame in order to change the direction. For the beginning, he will explain you how to assemble the balloon and the dynamics of the flight. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes paying a ticket of 450 euro. Of course, the journey depends on the day, so we recommend to see the weather forecasts before to book. To participate in the flights, it is very important to wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes (without heels). The maximum capacity is for 4 people, including children (over the age of 8). Obviously, they can fly only if they are accompanied by an adult. For another requests, the starting points can be chosen, according to the wind condition. The maximum of time frame tour you could have is approximately until 3 hours. Arrange an appointment send tour request the service of Sicilying. Remember that for any tour, the starting point is always near the exit of Dittaino along the highway Catania-Palermo (Enna).

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