Alcantara Canyons

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The Gole Alcantara Botanical and Geological Park is located in the Alcantara Valley where the Peloritani Mountains end. This valley particularly strikes for the wild and extended landscape through the high canyon walls. In general, the origin of this place and surroundings are linked to the near Etna Vulcano and its geological phenomenas. Today, the natural environment is completely covered by different species of trees and water paths, so the humidity and temperature range is constantly variable. Indeed, it is highly recommended to go there during the spring or summer.

How to reach Alcantara

Natural paths and fresh small rivers waiting for you! Just for 35 kilometers from Taormina and 50 kilometers from Catania city, the entrance of the park is easily reachable by car moving to Castiglione di Sicilia or Motta Camastra. You could also consider the public transport service of Circumetnea railway that is very convenient and available every day. You could take this train from Catania to Randazzo or from Giarre-Riposto towards Randazzo. From there, you’ll reach the Alcantara Park in 30 minutes. Going around this area, you’ll have the opportunity to visit an unlimited countryside. Indeed, the Alcantara park is in between Fiumedinisi and Monte Scuderi Nature Reserve. If you want to explore this part of Sicily, you can choose to stay in our comfortable family villas in Sicily or villas for 2 in Sicily.


It is very important to choose the path you want to go through. In general, the length of every single paths is more o less 1 or 1,5 km on foot. The itineraries are several, but there 3 or 4 stunning point of view that you can’t miss. Now, the main deep and charming gorges are in front of you. At its foot, the Alcantara begins to enter the gorges through rock jumps that are called Gurne. In the Alcantara’s Gurne you’ll see small fresh lake and all around luxuriant vegetation including poplars, downy oaks, willows and oleanders. Then Small Gorges of Alcantara reveals the presence of a lava riverbed, gorges and waterfalls. Then, the trail of the banks of river Alcantara where the river Alcantara flows in an extended stream bed. For a complete experience, it would be amazing to book a naturalistic guide that follow you trough the park. For this, consult the Etna Excursion. The entrance ticket costs €13.00, €11.00 over 65. Then €9.00 for children from 6-12 and €30.00 for a family ticket. We recommend that you buy your ticket online.


As you can imagine, this wide canyon was dug by the water for a long period. This is the why you’ll find natural piscinas and rivers with crystalline and fresh water today. If you are a free spirit, you could also consider activities like canyoning and rafting. Going up the path of the Gorges with fluvial assistants, you’ll explore the inner part of the Gole!

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